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The Raider's Bible

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The Raider's Bible

Post by Iffi on Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:25 pm

[size=150:qtsuv8mq]If you raid in Sadistic, Here are your 10 commandments:

#1. We expect you to come prepared to raids. That means fully enchanted, gemmed, aware of our strats and the mechanics of the raids.

#2. We expect you to focus on the fight at hand. During a boss encounter, EVEN IF IT IS ON NORMAL, is not the time to talk about your day, your car, your mom or whatever else you want to talk about. During trash yap away till your hearts content, we get to the boss... Zip it and focus.

#3. No crying about loot. <
--- Do I really need to explain this one? If you got an issue talk to the RL, ONCE, after raid. If you don't agree, sorry but these are the breaks.

#4. Performance issues, will be dealt with on a weekly basis. If you can't perform a function for some reason or do not understand something that is happening you need to say something. You are effectively wasting the rest of the raids time by staying silent.

#5. You are expected to maintain the highest possible attendance. We understand life happens but excessive absence will put you up for replacement. Nobody is irreplaceable.

#6. If you have an issue with someone's performance. Use tact. We don't expect you to watch Jose stand in fire all day, every pull and not say anything. SAY SOMETHING, if your scared to say something yourself whisper Slater and he will handle it. Don't be disrespectful.

#7. Be vocal, Be vocal, Be vocal. Information is how we adapt strategy on the fly.

#8. Raiding takes more effort than just logging in on raid night. What I mean by that is that your expected to spend time outside of raid, reading forums, watching videos, looking for tricks and tips specific to your class.

#9. No main-swapping unless specifically cleared with Slater and all loot will be considered Off-spec if your on an alt.

#10. Slater can be bribed with large quantities of Maple Syrup.

This list is subject to change.

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