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Teh goals for this week

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Teh goals for this week

Post by Slater on Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:55 pm

This is probably our last raid reset before 6.0, assuming we extend this week in order to kill Garrosh again.

The goal for this week is to kill Siegecrafter. If we get further awesome but Siegecrafter is the bare minimum.

The roster for each night will be slightly different.

Sunday night we'll have:

Tanks: Wreq, Cheeko
Healers: Sav, Surf
Dps: Slater, Jilliumz, Ashe, Glacie, Birdi, new applicant (hunter)

We'll sub out the new app after Nazgrim and bring in Slayne. Other subs will be made as needed if we struggle on any bosses.

Important things to note heading into tonight:

Immerseus - We won't have Dalek or Cheeko's aoe so killing adds is a higher priority than normal

Juggz - We're 2 healing it so personal responsibility is key. Def cds and avoiding mechanics is at an all time high

Shamans - No disc priest this week so Iron Prison must be handled flawlessly

Malk - Again, with 2 healers it's super important that people avoid orbs

Spoils - No locks this week so we have to do it the normal way with 5 players on each side

Siegecrafter - Depending on timing I'd like to try the 1 tank/9 dps strat and blow him up quickly so some subbing in and out will be needed.

So fights will be a little trickier than we're used to. Don't get cocky just because killed heroic Garrosh last week! It would be sad if we wiped on immerseus. Remember that every raid is a tryout for Mythic raiding so don't die to easy mechanics and let's get to Garrosh again ASAP!

Dalek's Bane

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Re: Teh goals for this week

Post by Ashe on Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:35 pm

Challenge Accepted!

The zerg strat for Siegecraffter will require tons of preperation. 1 Tank and 9 dps. At 500mil health, that means each person is responsible for 50mil damage. (Tank will do some awesome dps on this fight)

0s first belt, 45s second belt, 90s thrid belt, 135s fourth belt, 180s fifth belt.

DPS per player (responsible for 50mil damage each) required to kill him:

1st Belt - Impossible (50mil dps! GO go Martin's Fury?)
2nd Belt - 1.1mil (We burst this!)
3rd Belt - 556k
4th Belt - 370k (We might be able to do this belt with Tanks dps)
5th Belt - 278k DPS (If we cant do this, we mine as well just quit the game)

Or if you want to look at it in terms of raid dps:

1st belt - Impossible (500mil raid dps!)
2nd belt - 11mil DPS
3rd belt - 5.5mil DPS
4th belt - 3.7mil DPS
5th belt - 2.7mil DPS

I'm thinking we will hit the 4th belt, but not the 5th. I dont know what our weapon order for it will be, but depending on it, it can be doable with raid CDs and Personals.


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Re: Teh goals for this week

Post by Mirez on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:30 pm

The only problem is that electrostatic charges come every 15 seconds. Under perfect conditions/cooldowns the tanks can take 8 stacks. So if we do single tank strat, one of the charges will have to be taken by a dps.


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Re: Teh goals for this week

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