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EP/GP and you.

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EP/GP and you.

Post by Iffi on Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:33 am

This post will cover everything you need to know to understand how loot distribution works in Sadistic.

Where can I see our PR list?

Who is the Master-Looter for our raids?
Iffa (Main), Surf (Backup)

Will we use this for all raids?

No. This system is in place for the main raid, Sunday and Monday.

As a Raider what do I need to have enabled to raid with you guys?

You can see PR if you have this addon by typing: /epgp.

Very Important! This is the addon that will show you, your options.

What does it all mean?


Effort Points, you get these for:
#1. Being on-time and ready. 1000 EP
#2. Killing Bosses. 500 EP First kill, 250 EP farm.
#3. Being on Standby. 75% of all EP gains.
#4. Incremental time rewards. 250 EP
#5. Special Awards.

*Special Awards: I may randomly say, "
1000 EP bonus for downing this shit, this pull."


Gear Points, Every-time you get a piece of loot these points get added to your total.


Priority Rating, This is the number that determines who should get an item. EP/GP=PR.
The Item may still go to someone else if it is determined that we need it on a specific toon for a specific reason. Remember: Loot will come, but we have to kill the Boss to get it.

Can I get points for things outside of raid?

No, you cannot get points outside of raid. We want this system to be strictly affected by raid/performance only.

Does this cover all loot in raids?

No, this system will cover boss gear drops.

ALL BOE's that drop in raid will be given to the Guild Bank to sell on the AH to cover repairs and Feasts. THE ONLY way an item will NOT go to the GB is if it is BIS and then the person will be charged FULL EPGP for said item.

Crafting Patterns/Mats will go to the Guild Bank. If a raider wants a piece of gear it will be crafted and that player will pay for it with full EPGP cost as if the item was a drop during an actual raid.

Legendary: If Blizzard decides to implement a Legendary item. There will be a meeting between the Officers and the person we feel would be the best candidate for that item will be decided upon.

Mounts and anything else not covered above: Will be distributed at the discretion of the Master-Looter.

Can I lose EP?

Every week, I will be doing a Weekly Decay of EPGP of 20%. This causes your points to lose value over time and discourages players from passing items to "
for a specific drop.

You may lose EP for the following reasons/amounts.

#1. Performance Issues: 100 EP
Nobody is perfect but we have expectations. We expect you to come prepared and ready to perform your function. If you are constantly screwing up mechanics, You will be warned and then you will begin decreasing your EP. If we tell you to do something, you need to do it.
#2. No Show/No Post: 2000 EP
To avoid this make sure you use the [url=http:
t=494:1wmdp6hx]Late/Absent Thread[/url:1wmdp6hx]. We need to know as far out as possible to make adjustments to our line-up. USE THE THREAD!!!
#3. AFK Standby: 2000 EP
If your on Stand-by you get EP at a 75% rate. You are expected to be online and ready to go if we need you to swap in. You are expected to be in mumble listening and aware of strat changes. If we need you and you are unresponsive without letting the Master-Looter know this will be seen as you trying to game the system hence the same loss as a NO SHOW/NO POST.

How do I put myself on Standby?

/w Iffa EPGP Standby YOURNAME

YOURNAME = Your main. This has to be done every-time points go out. You will know points went out because the addon will spam Guild chat.

On to Lootmaster.

We expect you all to do some research to understand what items in each Tier are your BIS items. We not only look at our own but we look at all the raiders BIS lists. We know what people should be going for so educate yourself a little before getting called out in raid for needing on something that is NOT an actual Mainspec Need. This falls under the Performance Issues for EP loss since we will have to waste time to explain to you why you are wrong.

What will you see when loot drops?

Mainspec: This is the button you hit if it is an upgrade for your MS.

Minor Upgrade: This is the button you hit for something for your MS that is a minor upgrade, Warforged, Thunderforge Lagforged all fall into this category. You will have a lower priority than anyone that hit the first option.

Offspec: If you have an approved offspec you hit this button if it applies. You will be charged 30% EP.

*Approved Offspec = People that have been selected to fill a needed secondary role. ie: Off-tank/backup tank, Backup heals, Offspec DPS for the raid. Not for an easier time while doing dailies or to speed up your que as a tank or healer when not in raid.

Greed will not apply in our raids since we are not in the Transmog support business, Items that you want to Transmog can be purchased from the Loot-Master at the current Market Value of the enchanting mats.

In conclusion, if you have any questions regarding this system, read the post again. If you still have questions come find me in-game and I will explain it to you.


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