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Mythic Highmaul January

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Mythic Highmaul January

Post by Cheeko on Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:23 pm

Hey guys... to start I'm going to be throwing up a post regarding the current state of raiding in Sadistic. There are a lot of people that are unhappy with our progression up to this point, which I agree with, however it is to be somewhat expected with a raid taking place during the holidays.

The problems I have seen with the group so far seem to be the same problems that always come up and it's a lack of understanding of the fights and how the mechanics work. I am going to be more diligent with posting raid strats beforehand, though people really should know this shit well in advance.

Another problem I am seeing is some people have been super lazy with gearing. There are a handful of people that don't come out to our weekly normal runs, dont run it on their own time using lfg and didnt really take part in challenge mode groups. I have been using these last few weeks to see the personal accountability of people with gearing as I have only started an expansion with a few people in this group and wanted to see how people handled the lack of gear situation.

I've been starting to look over mythic logs and based on ilvl we have a group that is "
strong enough"
to complete kargath at the very least. My group would look something like this;

Rahkan- Warrior- 649
Muskwa- Paladin- 644

Crazy- Holy Priest- 660
Lutrinae- Resto Shaman- 655
Saveryn- Resto Druid- 653
Surf-Resto Shaman- 653
Deristus- Paladin- 650

Mirez- Feral Druid- 659
Sfere- Mage- 657
Gail- Balance Druid- 656
Birdi- Hunter- 655
Glacie- Mage- 655
Bushie- Hunter- 655
Iffa- Spriest- 653
Iadiel- Warrior- 652
Ashe- Mage- 650
Alirea- Rogue- 650
Kraci- WW Monk- 650
Sniped- Hunter- 648
Jillz- Paladin- 648

Oboku- Warrior- 655
Ralgrad- Warrior- 650
Mav- Disc- 645
Damaged- Warlock- 640
Yez- Rogue- 644
Monster- DK- 650

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Re: Mythic Highmaul January

Post by Iffi on Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:15 am

Been thinking about this and maybe we should just keep "
the list"
internal since we went with the everyone shows and we pick a roster from there thing.

We publish a list and people will not log in because reasons. You know what I mean.

The rest of the post is spot on though. Should definitely do a State of the Union type post so there is no question what our goal is and that people's effort has been noted.

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